Over the course of two intensive days, participants had the opportunity to hear 22 thematic lectures. The main topic of the meeting was collaboration and the creation of opportunities on selected markets (for example, 2N is the number one in the IP intercom segment on the American market). Products recently introduced in the portfolio such as the 2N® Indoor Talk, 2N® LTE Verso,  2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 or newly available services (2N® Remote Configuration and 2N® Site Management) on the My2N portal, which were launched onto the market over the course of the year or which will be introduced in the near future should help.

Focus on residences, offices and residential buildings

One of the points on the programme was 2N’s range of products for the residential and commercial segment and the possibility of integrating 2N products with third-party systems. “Customers come to us nowadays seeking solutions for individual installations. They don’t want a specific product, they want to solve their current needs. 2N can meet these requirements thanks to the comprehensive nature of its products. Integration options are just as important for us, thanks to which we can cover 99% of enquiries by our customers using 2N products,” said Piet Verstraete, SmartSD distributor representative from Belgium.

The theme of the second day was a more detailed look at the use of the My2N portal and cloud services that give 2N a competitive advantage and provide system integrators with a tool to manage 2N devices remotely without any additional investment.

A special guest from Sweden and entertainment by the 2N Band

Martin Gren, one of the founders of Axis Communications and the most influential global personality in the field of security technologies according to the experts, was also present at the meeting. During his presentation, he spoke about the mutual synergies enjoyed by 2N and Axis. “Two years after the acquisition of 2N, I can say that it was an excellent choice. 2N is a company with a very similar culture to Axis and we knew that it would work from the start,” he said.

At the end of the first day, partners were able to enjoy a party in the historical building of the Mánes Art Restaurant, where the 2N Band, made up of 2N employees, played for guests.

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